One-time and Recurring Donations for the UK Building Fund

To submit a donation for the UK Building Fund, use any of the methods described on this web page. Please read all instructions carefully, and remember to designate your donation for the “UK Building Fund.”

PLEASE NOTE: Receipts for online donations will be sent by email at the time each donation is made. Please keep these receipts for income tax purposes. LME will not send receipts and yearly donation summaries for online donations.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Lord's Move to Europe (LME) is a gospel mission project of the Church in Anaheim (a recognized section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code) that furthers the church's tax-exempt purpose of spreading the gospel of the kingdom in the whole inhabited earth. In accordance with IRS guidelines, the program officers of LME and Directors of the Church in Anaheim have reviewed and approved the financial support of the UK Building Fund as conducted by Amana Trust (a registered charity in the United Kingdom) as being in furtherance of the church's tax-exempt purpose. All funds donated for LME, including amounts for the UK Building Fund, are subject to the complete discretion and control of the Directors of the Church in Anaheim. Adherence to these IRS guidelines ensures that offerings made to LME for support of the UK Building Fund may qualify as tax-deductible charitable contributions.
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