Schedule of Conferences and Other Events

For a current list of conferences and other events happening in Europe see the Events page on the Amana Trust website.

Flashcards for Spiritual Terminology in German

For those who are planning to visit Germany or to serve in Germany either short term or long term, a set of flashcards has been developed to help you to learn spiritual terminology in German. To download instructions on how to use the flashcards, please click here .

Giving for the UK Building Fund

For information regarding the UK Building Project, please click here . To give through LME to the UK Building Fund, use any of the methods described on this web page . IMPORTANT: Please read all instructions carefully, and remember to designate your offering “UK Building Fund.”

Giving for the Gospel Work in Europe

The PDF How to Give contains instructions on how to give for the gospel work in Europe.

Information on Universities in Germany

The PDF Contact Information of Key Universities in Germany contains important information for those who are interested in exploring the possibility of studying in Germany for the advancement of the Lord’s move among the German students. Additional information about studying in Germany can be found in General Information for Studying Abroad in Germany . Before they select a university in which to study, we encourage the young saints in the recovery to pray much and fellowship thoroughly with the leading ones in their locality and as much as possible with the brothers who are serving in Germany.

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