Donate through PayPal for Special Needs

This page is for those who want to donate through PayPal and designate their donation for a special need related to the work supported by LME in Europe, Russia, and Israel. On this page a one-time or recurring donation can be given through PayPal via a PayPal account or via a credit or debit card. Donations can be designated or undesignated. To cancel or modify an existing recurring donation, click here.

As much as possible, special gifts intended for specific individuals who are serving in the work should be given directly to the individual or to the individual's home church. Those who wish to give for needs that are not related to the Lord's work in Europe, Russia, or Israel (for example, for the Lord's work in Africa, Asia, or South America) can send an email to for information on how to give.

Ways to Donate through PayPal for Special Needs

  • A ONE-TIME donation: Use the “Donate” button below. If you wish, you can specify the purpose of your donation in the "Add a note" or "Write a note" box on the PayPal checkout page. Undesignated offerings will be used for general needs. To give a recurring donation, please use the fill-in form and the “Subscribe” button below.

  • A RECURRING donation: Use the fill-in form and the “Subscribe” button. Your donation can be either designated or undesignated, and it can be either unending or of limited duration. Moreover, you can specify whether you want to give monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or yearly. To give a one-time donation, please use the “Donate” button above. Use of the “Subscribe” button is not intended for one-time donations.
How many times would you like your donation to recur? (including this donation)
Frequency of donation (Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, or Yearly)
Enter donation amount (0.00 USD)
Purpose of Donation (specify clearly by typing in the box)

Cancel or Modify an Existing Recurring Donation

If you wish to cancel or modify an existing recurring donation, click on My PayPal Account. Log in to your PayPal account. At the top of the page click on the "Settings" button (looks like a gear wheel) and then on "Payments" and "Manage pre-approved payments." To cancel your recurring donation, click on the payment to the Church in Anaheim and cancel it. In order to change the amount and other details of your recurring donation, you must manually cancel your old donation and set up a new one.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Lord’s Move to Europe (LME) is a gospel mission project of the Church in Anaheim (a recognized section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code) that furthers the church’s tax-exempt purpose of spreading the gospel of the kingdom in the whole inhabited earth. In accordance with IRS guidelines, the Church in Anaheim may raise funds through LME to support specific projects of a foreign charitable organization or a local church that have been approved by the Directors of the Church in Anaheim as being in furtherance of its tax-exempt purpose. However, all funds donated for LME are subject to the complete discretion and control of the Directors of the Church in Anaheim. Donors may request that their offerings be used to support a particular need, which may be taken into consideration with respect to the gospel mission of LME, but such requests are not binding on LME and the Church in Anaheim. Adherence to these IRS guidelines ensures that offerings made to the Church in Anaheim for LME may qualify as tax-deductible charitable contributions.
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